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Rise Up Experience

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Saint Tone 10 Song Quick Mix

The "Rise Up Experience" packs an explosive hour with audience fun,musical participation and great pop music in multiple styles:Dance/Groove / Pop / Reggae / Rock /Rap / RnB.
​Known for his catchy lyrics and inspirational, fun, performances, Tony and his band have a unique style of entertaining that leaves you with a fresh, exciting, perspective on life!  

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Tony Saint Tone is a musician / entertainer that writes and performs Original, Pop / Rock songs with a Positive Vibe. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Saint Tone is an International Touring Performer / Singer / Songwriter.
His Positive Music has connected with everyone from children in school to inmates in jail. With a wide range of styles incorporating rock, pop, rap, soul, and country into a unique blend that ALL comes together in his Universal lyrics about Self Empowerment.

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Saint Tone has performed OVER 5,000 shows in 23 different countries around the World - songs licensed to MTV - Performed at the Inaugural Ball for President Obama - Official Tailgate band for the Tampa Bay Bucs - etc. 

This is a 10 song Quick mix of the different styles and sounds of Saint Tone. Positive Affirmations  wrapped within a variety of Songs.

   Tony was recently nominated for the EOTM "Global Humanitarian of the Year" Award 2013       for his 30 years of service volunteering:


* Entertaining US Troops around the world in 23 countries

* Entertaining Inmates at  the LA County Jail-
both Men and Woman 

* Involvement & Performance for the Emerging Leaders A Program for High Risk Adults

* The Boys and Girls Club

* Sarge Community Base

* Board of Directors for Safe Passage- helping woman and children of Domestic Violence

* Primary host for Humanitarian

* Room to Room performances at All Children's Hospitals and Nursing Homes across America 

* And Many other non-profit organizations,


I want you to be in my music



video for my latest song


Grab your video camera or your smart phone and show me what you've got!!
You can sing along to the words available on the side or just do your own version of the Cranky Pants Dance. All Ages welcome to join in from little kids in diapers to your grand ma. Dance and Sing in the woods, the street, your living room, whatever, just video tape it and send it to me.
30 seconds to 1 min is all I need and I MUST BE ABLE TO HEAR THE SONG BEING PLAYED ON YOUR VIDEO so I can line it up during the editing process. I Can't wait to see what I get. Make it FUN.


What's up with your cranky pants 4x You better change CP if you want to hang with me What's up with your cranky pants You've got a big black cloud hanging over your head Well if it's lack of sleep you best go back to bed Shift your attitude cause you're acting rude Your funky bad mood needs to change real soon Cause all you ever do is bitch and moan to me With your best new friend yah misery It's time to shut her up, lock her up, and throw away the key What's up with your cranky pants 3 x...

Up and down moods swinging around I'm known to bring sounds that shake and rumble the ground You know what I found playing this game called life you have to separate the real from the fake drive through the strife You've heard it all before so please don't kill my vibe have to admit you walk in the party dies 3x I'm a simple and wiseguy with passion in my eyes I'm here to lift spirits till we all reached the sky I can't recognize why you look so mad so what we all have haters be grateful be glad Call the doctor shake it up man because your funk is killing me You're no fun to be around when you're down infection spreads like a disease  - make it hard to breathe What's up with your cranky pants 3x

 Homie stop tripping clucking  like a chicken Whiney sad  about everything that's missing Step up your position  -  vibes your killing Hatens for bidding you should learn from the children mmhmm There's a spark that's missing  Let me light it up let me turn your ignition Yooow start it up  start it up Vision when you're 80 feel like a schmuck Reflecting ready to self-destruct Wasted all your life complain about what   now alone with a fiber in your cup pushed everyone away scared every day Midnight black hair that you turned all gray decay  And your fears an your hate no way paint a life like Monet CP you better change them jeans 3x if you want to hang with me you can't be so cranky 2x Cranky 5 x   What's up with your cranky pants, what's up with your cranky pants

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