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" ​The song Empower Me really helped me out while I was going through my divorce to realize it's up to me to make changes"

Melisa L.

" Best Case Scenario  is a great reminder song that you get what you focus on and my friend and I will sing it to each other whenever  one of us starts going down the things I DON'T want to happen path -

Give me that Best Case Scenario..."

Jodie R.

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"Whenever I feel there is a lack of money

in my life I blast  Magnet for Money in my car to help me change my thoughts"

Shawn W. 

Tony loves to write songs  in a Wide VARIETY of styles to help get his message of Self Empowerment to a Larger Audience. 

He combines his love for different styles into one unique blend using Pop / Rock / Rap / RnB  and Country all fused together to form what he calls Positive Pop Rock.